Strata releases new FixedAI vision sensor

Strata Worldwide has a new vision: specifically, its new FixedAI vision sensor for improved miner safety.

The sensor is a structure-mounted artificial intelligence “camera” that identifies exclusion areas to prevent people from entering areas that are unsafe due to vehicle traffic and blind spots. 

The AI technology allows for the creation of customized exclusion areas within the camera’s field of view, triggering real-time audible and visual alarms when these zones are breached. Site operators can map out and customize these zones to create safe pathways for foot traffic.
Strata said the design is intended to promote long-term behavioral change, training, and establish company safety protocols, and its mySafeSITE software platform allows for event logging and data recording, enabling site managers to track and analyze incident data for their sites.

Source: Strata Worldwide

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