Torsus unveils all-terrain off-road bus

Torsus has released its new third-generation Praetorian TG3 heavy-duty off-road bus with more than 50 all-new technical updates and options for 2024.

Built to master the world’s harshest terrain and toughest environments, the bus utilizes upgraded MAN chassis and powertrain, fully warranted and serviceable by all MAN suppliers anywhere in the world. It features a 1,150Nm 6-cyl MAN diesel engine, heavy-duty 4×4 off-road drivetrain and 12-speed transmission.

Torsus said the Praetorian can effortlessly climb 65% inclines and ford 680-mm-deep rivers, and front and rear axle 19.5-inch disc brakes provide unmatched stopping power.

A new rear air suspension and bespoke chassis/superstructure mountings transform handling, usability and comfort across any terrain, in any weather condition, and its cabin has been redesigned with a new dashboard, gear shifter, controls, buttons and panels as well as uprated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Next-gen engine insulation improves the comfort for the driver and up to 34 + 1, with 14 seat configuration options available.

Also on-board: a 12-tonne, 30-meter front steel winch cable to clear obstacles and cross ultra-challenging terrain.

“Whatever challenge operators encounter, on or off-road, the Praetorian has the technology and the ability to deal with it,” said Torsus sales official Vlada Orlova.

For normal driving on highways and around town ‘efficiency mode’ is best, as it optimizes fuel efficiency and indeed occupant comfort by providing a more relaxed gearchange. But at the other end of the scale, when it’s a matter of life or death, ‘emergency mode’ sees the [machine’s] gearbox changes faster at higher engine speeds to accelerate rescue crews as quickly as possible to whatever situation they need to get to.”

The Torsus Praetorian takes its name, and its indomitable character, from the legendary Praetorian Guard. An elite regiment of the Imperial Roman Army formed in 509 BC; the Praetorian Guard was essentially the world’s first special forces unit. Members were highly skilled veterans, hand-picked from the best army in the world for their superior fitness, unmatched combat prowess and ability to keep a cool head in the heat of battle. Wherever the toughest and most important tasks were set ­­– protecting the emperor, gathering intelligence, operating far behind enemy lines – only a Praetorian would suffice.

The vehicle is available in mine site, shell and transporter specifications. 

Source: Torsus