EnviroGold to streamline leaching tech demos   

EnviroGold has announced plans to build a centralized demonstration facility near Brisbane, Australia, that will use the company’s proprietary leaching technology to process tailings from multiple mining sites. 

EnviroGold said constructing and installing the NVRO Clean Leach Process processing unit in a centralized location would better streamline the testing process. The company noted the facility will eliminate regulatory and environmental permitting issues associated with mine site development, and allow it to decrease turnaround time between mining company demonstrations.

Customer tailings will be transported to the NVRO demonstration facility, processed using the NVRO Clean Leach Process with the residues transported back to the mine for disposal. The tailings throughput and data collected throughout each project’s tailings processing operations will be sufficient to enable customers to proceed to scale up, front-end engineering, and design and project economic assessments.

EnviroGold expects to commence commercial demonstrations of the process during the fourth quarter of 2024.

Source: EnviroGold Global

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