Sandvik brightens product line-up with battery-electric additions

Sandvik’s new release at the MINExpo 2021 event was actually a number of new releases, the highlight being its new TH550B 50-ton battery-electric truck.

The new model features a self-swapping battery system, including the AutoSwap and AutoConnect functions, and is powered with third-generation BEV technology.

“Based on the philosophy of rethinking the equipment rather than the mine, the truck is simple to implement in any underground hard rock operation,” Sandvik officials said of the TH550B. “Infrastructure needs are minimal, with no requirement for overhead cranes or other heavy handling equipment. All that is needed is a battery bay with an electric connection.”

The OEM said the new machine produces no underground exhaust emissions, and has significantly less heat than traditional technologies so it may reach its sustainability targets by means of reduced CO2 emissions. It also on a practical level reduces underground ventilation requirements.

Sandvik has also spotlighted the new release’s operator environment; TH550B cabins are ROPS and FOPS certified, sealed for noise resistance and fitted with dust resistant upholstery materials.

In addition to the new truck, Sandvik also selected the show to virtually release its Toro LH514BE, an AutoMine compatible cable-electric loader now boosted with battery technology. It also showcased its Sandvik LH518B – the industry’s largest battery-electric loader – and launched the Sandvik DS412iE, its first battery-powered rock bolter – it completing the company’s first full zero-emissions offering for all underground drilling applications.

New Sandvik Tools

Those at MINExpo on the hunt for new technology tools were also in luck; Sandvik launched several new rock tools including the Tundo RH650 DTH hammer that reduces fuel consumption by up to 15% and ups penetration rates by up to 20%. Its heavy-duty top hammer drill bits, the new Autobit and its Charger RR450 rotary drill bit, were also unveiled. The latter can achieve up to a 90% increase in bit life compared to other premium sealed bearing bits.

Sandvik’s Remote Monitoring Service was center stage at MINExpo and, on the surface drilling side, Sandvik put its DR410i rotary blasthole drill rig, the Leopard DI650i down-the-hole drill rig and Pantera DP1600i top hammer drill rig, part of the Top Hammer XL system, on the show floor.

The OEM has made a microsite available to view all new releases at


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