EnviroGold applies for patent in NVRO Clean Leach process

EnviroGold Global has filed a new Australian provisional patent application (AU2024901328) for an improved method of extraction of metals from refractory ores. 

This application builds on the previously filed application (PCT AU2023/051121) for an improved process for recovery of refractory ores, completing the intellectual property protection for EnviroGold’s NVRO Clean Leach Process.

“This patent application follows an extended pilot study conducted at ALS Global’s Perth, Western Australia, metallurgical facility in July 2023. The pilot study was designed to confirm process recoveries and identify any process challenges, which could prevent the company from moving to full-scale commercial production,” Chief Technology Officer Brock Hill said.

“The results of this work have enabled the company to significantly improve several components of the NVRO Clean Leach Process including improved catalyst recovery, lower operational cost, and increased recovery of gold and silver from refractory ores.”

The company has seven active projects – five associated with major global miners – representing a total of more than 300 million tonnes of tailings.

EnviroGold has committed to build a centralized demonstration plant in Brisbane, Australia, that will allow customers to test the NVRO Clean Leach Process on tailings and smelter by-products. The modular plant will incorporate the component features protected by the current patent applications.

Source: EnviroGold

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