XCMG sending 30 electric trucks to Guinea site

In a move the Chinese OEM said will revolutionize African mining operations, XCMG is preparing to deploy a batch of 30 XGE105 electric mining trucks to a site in the Republic of Guinea.

The truck maker said the unidentified customer, which owns almost 3 billion tons of controlled and inferred ore reserves, has total resources potentially reaching up to 5 billion tons.

The fleet was dispatched recently from the Luojing Port Area in Shanghai and are en route to Africa. The estimated arrival date was 22 June, though the OEM did not confirm if the delivery arrived.

It is known that XCMG service technicians arrived on-site one day prior to overseeing all operations and ensured that each vehicle was ready for immediate deployment upon arrival.

The XGE105 electric mining truck from XCMG has been designed specifically for the harsh conditions of mining environments. Equipped with a mine-specific permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system, heavy-duty high-strength axles, and a maintenance-free high-shock-resistant battery system, these trucks represent the pinnacle of new energy solutions in heavy machinery.

Additionally, they feature an efficient braking energy recovery system and are fitted with variable damping oil/gas (nitrogen) suspension cylinders at the front and modular balanced suspensions at the rear to enhance lateral stability. 

Source: XCMG

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