Betolar, Norge Mineraler form Norwegian collaboration

A partnership between Norge Mineraler AS and Betolar aimed at finding solutions to minimize carbon emissions in Norge Mineraler’s mining operations has bore fruit with its partnership for the creation of sustainable mining solutions in Norway.

The pairing in Eigersund, which resulted from a recent memorandum of understanding (MOU), has the goal of supporting the green transition in Norge Mineraler’s operations.

The collaboration serves as a starting point for potential broader collaboration between the parties, each of which intends to explore and assess the possibilities of Norge Mineraler using Betolar’s sustainable mining solutions, know-how, technologies, and innovations in Norge Mineraler’s operations.

Norge Mineraler, together with Betolar, will aim to make better tailings management, by also exploring the potential for using a large part of the tailings in the production of geopolymer-based concrete or similar.

“We are very happy about this partnership with Norge Mineraler AS. The company’s decision emphasizes sustainability and the desire to develop processes in such a way that environmental safety is at the center of operations,” said Pasi Karekivi, Betolar business development director for Mining and Metals.

Added Norge Mineraler CEO: “Norge Mineraler has a clear vision to operate the most environmentally friendly and sustainable mine for the Critical Raw Materials vanadium, phosphate and titanium. The cooperation with Betolar is a natural step towards that vision.”

Betolar is developing several solutions for the mining and metals industries enabling them to implement more sustainable solutions, reduce waste and lower carbon emissions. The company has protected its solutions by applying for several patents related to sidestream and metals recovery.

The collaboration could also cover investigations on how to reduce wastes with applicable solutions at Norge Mineraler’s mining-sites including finding profitable solutions to side product management. Betolar’s solutions to the recovery of valuable fractions as well as potential in-process carbon dioxide recovery and permanent carbon dioxide capture are part of the potential future cooperation. The aim for both parties is also to find sustainable solutions to commercialize their mine tailings as geopolymer based concrete.

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