SSR continues search and rescue efforts at Çöpler

U.S.-based SSR Mining said search and rescue efforts to locate nine missing workers following a February 13 incident at the Çöpler gold mine continue.

“We acknowledge that several of our team members are facing charges in relation to the recent incident, and we are ensuring they receive the necessary support while respecting the legal process,” said the miner.

SSR Mining said the Çöpler environmental permit has been revoked, and the operation will remain suspended until further notice. 

Planning for near-term remediation efforts has begun at the direction of government officials, with an initial focus on removing heap leach material from the Sabirli Valley and relocating it to a permanent storage location. 

The Turkish Ministry of the Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has been regularly monitoring the surface water, groundwater, soil, and air quality in the region since Feb. 13. To date, the ministry has reported that all results have been negative with respect to potential contamination in the locations being monitored.

Çöpler, 80% SSR-owned, is part of the Çöpler District in east-central Turkey in the Erzincan Province, approximately 1,100 kilometers southeast from Istanbul and 550 km east from Ankara.

Source: SSR Mining

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