Metso introduces Reactorwell for optimal performance

Metso is launching the Reactorwell upgrade – a new generation feedwell upgrade – for maximizing thickener and clarifier performance while minimizing flocculant consumption and bringing significant operational cost efficiencies.

The first-class feed system upgrade features high solids retention and mixing efficiency. It eliminates feed short-circuiting and offers low shear for ideal floccule growth and even discharge symmetry.

The upgrade provides optimum feed conditioning for thickeners and clarifiers. Thanks to its many benefits in addition to low flocculant usage, the Reactorwell upgrade is part of Metso’s sustainable Planet Positive portfolio.

The Reactorwell upgrade enables a big leap forward in thickener and clarifier performance as it utilizes maximum settling area due to its high exit symmetry. It also provides improved overflow clarity as well as higher underflow density. Additionally, the Reactorwell upgrade allows better thickener operability with an improved response to process changes.

“The Reactorwell’s design allows it to be integrated into existing mining operations as an upgrade that is compatible with most makes of thickeners. We offer expertise and support to retrofit existing infrastructure without major modifications. The Reactorwell can also be upgraded to a new channel configuration if process conditions significantly change,” said Andrew Mcintosh, senior product manager, Thickening.

The Reactorwell upgrade is easy to maintain due to its intelligent design and modularity. It consistently achieves high unit area throughput and the improved Autodil performance minimizes the need for pumped dilution, leading to lower total cost of ownership.

Source: Metso

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