Weir launches new sheet branding

Global group Weir, manufacturer of Linatex premium rubber, has introduced new branding to their iconic red rubber.

“Linatex rubber is renowned for its unparalleled wear life and total cost of ownership benefits, this new enhancement is a definitive stand against imitators selling inferior red rubber products under the Linatex name,” Weir officials said.

“To fortify the authenticity of Linatex premium rubber, and protect its customers from subpar imitations, a significant branding enhancement has been implemented.”

All Linatex rubber is now branded with four rows of black Linatex logos, strategically placed along the length of the rubber roll. This distinctive branding will provide a clear and unmistakable identifier of the genuine Linatex premium rubber. Extensive testing has confirmed that the black ink does not affect the unbeaten abrasion-resistant properties of the rubber that has been the industry’s first line of defense against abrasion for a century.

“The introduction of this new branding will enable customers to instantly, visually, verify the authenticity of their premium rubber products. The presence of the black Linatex logos will be a guarantee of superior quality and performance,” the company said.

Linatex rubber is made from 95% natural latex using a unique liquid-phase process patented in 1923; its formulation and manufacturing process have remained unchanged for a century, with Weir Minerals Malaysia proudly serving as the sole manufacturer of Linatex in the world.

Mark Doyle, global product manager for Rubber, said: “Linatex premium rubber has been manufactured exclusively by Weir for 100 years and is the ‘go-to’ rubber to protect equipment from erosive damage. Imitators have tried to emulate Linatex with inferior red rubber – which can cost you money and potentially harm your people and the environment due to poor performance and unknown failures. Now when you buy a roll of branded Linatex rubber, you can see you are receiving genuine Linatex premium rubber.”

Source: Weir

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