Sustainability the center of new Weir, CEEC International partnership

Global tech developer Weir has teamed with nonprofit CEEC International (Coalition for Minerals Efficiency) to drive sustainable mining innovation and improve productivity.

Weir, which has also renewed its support as a premium sponsor, confirmed it will participate in CEEC’s newly launched Global Water Initiative, a groundbreaking collaboration to drive action to ensure responsible water use within the industry.

“Water is fundamental to the way in which minerals are processed. However, in some parts of the world there is not enough, and in some parts there’s too much,” the groups said in a joint statement to unveil its collaboration.

“So, mining needs to use water wisely. Weir understands this and is developing tailored solutions to help the industry increase water recovery and recycling rates and, where possible, introduce water-free steps within mining processes.”

The companies called the Global Water Initiative a “critical step” in the advancement of addressing water management and risk mitigation in mining and the wider resources sector. The initiative will push forward collaboration and knowledge exchange across industry experts, the two said, and has a goal of forming a shared understanding, identify gaps, and outline necessary actions to solve water-related challenges, prioritise sustainable water practices, and support overall improvements in ESG performance.

Andrew Neilson, Minerals Division President, said water management is an increasingly critical issue in mining: “We are excited to work with other stakeholders to drive positive change as part of the Global Water Initiative.”

Both CEEC International and Weir have invited industry stakeholders to join the initiative, contribute to discussions, and collectively shape a more sustainable future for water management in resources. More information can be found at

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