Vale reopens Onça Puma after government idle

After informing its shareholders on Oct. 4 that it was suspending operations at the Onça Puma nickel mine in Para state, Brazil, after government notification of its noncompliance with its lining license, owner Vale has returned the mine to production.

The operator said the restart began Oct. 7 after the Judge of the Third Finance Court of the District of Belém determined, in an injunction, the reinstatement of the term and validity of the operating license for Onça Puma.

That decision allowed for the immediate return to mining.

Vale initially said Oct. 4 that the Environmental and Sustainability office of the Para State (SEMAS), which according to local reports issued the notification on Oct. 1, has told the company there is “no compliance with conditions for licensing,” though it did not disclose details.

Reuters report from the same day stated it received a statement from the government agency that there was an unfulfilled obligation to provide services for communities surrounding the mine, which included the installation of a health unit and a fiber-optic network.

The Para state, in northern Brazil, is home to multiple Vale mines. Vale is the world’s largest producer of nickel.

Sources: Vale and Reuters

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