TOMRA hit with cyberattack

Norwegian mining and recycling giant TOMRA said it discovered an extensive cyberattack on July 16, directly affecting some of the company’s data systems. 

“We immediately disconnected some systems to contain the attack, and TOMRA is currently assessing whether customers and employees might experience reduced stability in our services. Our primary focus now is to get all systems up and running again as fast as possible,” company officials said.

Most of TOMRA’s digital services can operate offline for an undisclosed duration but may have limited functionality.

In a July 25th update, TOMRA said it is dedicated to rebuilding the trust infrastructure of the company; working in parallel to establish alternative systems for some services, and cleaning and validating systems for others. To increase security, the company is also introducing new measures to help users protect themselves and the company’s digital infrastructure. 

Source: TOMRA

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