ICMM releases annual member safety report

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has released a report that benchmarks the 2022 safety performance of its 26 company members. Tragically, 33 employees or contractors of its members lost their lives at work last year.

ICMM compiles, analyses and publishes the safety data provided annually by company members, which collectively represent a third of the global mining and metals industry. The report analyses fatalities from members based on the cause (or hazard) and provides safety performance metrics by country and company. 

In 2022, nine of the 33 fatalities were related to mobile equipment and transportation, and five were caused by falling objects. Member operations in South Africa had the highest number of fatalities (seven), accounting for 21% of the total fatalities across ICMM members. Thirteen members reported zero fatalities.

“Everyone deserves to work free from harm, within a safe and healthy industry environment,” said Rohitesh Dhawan, ICMM president and CEO. 

“ICMM has remained steadfast in our belief that we can always find new ways to improve, and as we enter a period of unprecedented demand for minerals and metals, we will continue to focus on identifying new ways to eliminate fatalities from mining and metals operations.”

The “Safety Performance: Benchmarking Progress of ICMM Company Members In 2022” report can be viewed here.

Source: ICMM

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