Tailings dam overflows in central Chile

Photo: Chile Superintendency of the Environment

Due to heavy rains, a Las Cenizas’ tailings dam began overflowing on June 13 in Cabildo, Chile, placing nearby water sources at risk, reported Reuters

“Sediment from the tailing was dragged through creeks and fell on some houses. This has been very worrying for the community,” said Victor Donoso, the mayor of Cabildo, which is in an agricultural area known for producing avocados. “Nobody likes living with a tailing dam right behind them.”

Citizens expressed their worries in meetings with government officials and representatives from the miner, which is working to rebuild the containment wall.

“I recognize there were some errors in our management,” said Andres Monarde, operations manager for Las Cenizas. “But let’s take a step forward together.”

Donoso said a formal complaint has been sent to the environmental regulator to see the impact the overflow has had on agriculture, houses, and water sources.

Source: Reuters

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