Mine Vision Systems launches future of mine face mapping

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Mine Vision Systems (MVS) has introduced its FaceCapture mapping system that offers actionable insights in real time to geologists for daily mine face decisions involving production, efficiency, worker safety, and environmental, safety and governance (ESG).

FaceCapture, designed to optimize decision predictability at the mine face, offers users these insights at a level of precision not previously available while simultaneously reducing the geologist’s time at the face by over 80%.

“Our engineering efforts have been focused on building a system that delivers the right information at the right time without disruption to existing processes,” said Scott Thayer, MVS’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“FaceCapture integrates georeferenced 3D point cloud and high-resolution images into 3D meshes that can be imported into mine plans through industry standard file formats, providing real-time information to geologists to help them make the decisions they were trained to make.” 

Added MVS CEO Mike Smocer: “FaceCapture empowers our customers to easily standardize on 3D data by adapting to existing surveying, geological and geotechnical mapping workflows across the enterprise.” 

Source: https://www.minevisionsystems.com/