Renewable Lubricants releases environmentally friendly compound

Plant maintenance, including those for mining facilities, is at the heart of a new product just released by Ohio-based Renewable Lubricants.

The company has introduced the Bio-Food Grade HT Anti-Seize Compound, a bio-based extreme pressure (EP) compound specifically formulated for lubricating sliding surfaces in a wide range of industries and applications. These include tool joints, chains, cables, slideways, chassis, hinge pins, gaskets, valves, pump shafts, screw shafts, and slow-moving rollers and bearings. In addition to mining, it can be used in transport, marine, manufacturing and food and beverage processing plant applications.

“Designed to provide anti-weld protection and withstand high pressures in sliding surfaces, it protects the shoulder and threads of bolts against damage from galling or seizure,” the company said, adding the product fortified with synthetic white graphite EP that will lubricate at high pressure and temperatures over 1000°C.

It provides excellent anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-wear protection, and is non staining on aluminum and yellow metals.

With performance comparable to or exceeding synthetics, the company said its bio-based products help companies achieve operational goals as well as their sustainability goals. 

“Energy conserving Stabilized HOBS technology combined with synthetic base stocks and exceptional E.P./anti-wear technology results in a super high viscosity index (VI) product with long life heat stability. This provides longer gear life protection through extremely high film strength during elevated operating temperatures. Rapid demulsification allows users to drain water from the system quickly to prevent corrosion, protect components, and extend oil life,” the company noted. 


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