Renewable Lubricants launches Bio-Process oils for dust control 

Ohio-based Renewable Lubricants has introduced Bio-Process Oils, a family of blended, highly refined biosynthetic base oils that are a safe and sustainable means of controlling dust on nonpaved roadways.

Their extremely low volatility increases the flash and fire safety features and lack of VOCs make Bio-Process Oils safer for employees. They are available in viscosity grades (SUS) of 50, 70, 100, 150 and 200 to suit a wide range of applications, climates and preferences.

Additionally, the oils are stabilized* to resist oxidation and provide light color stability, they are odorless and chlorine-, and sulfur-free. Highly refined, bleached, deodorized oils are high in oleic acid content for higher stability over conventional vegetable oils. They provide excellent compatibility with elastomers, mineral and synthetic oils, and provide excellent lubricity.

The new release is available in 1-gallon containers, 5-gal. pails, 55-gal. drums, 275- and 330-gal. totes, and in bulk from the company’s factory. Bio-Process Oils are readily biodegradable, renewable, more fire resistant, EPA- and ISO-1400 compliant. 


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