Phoenix Saturn Disc

The Phoenix Saturn Disc water cover float is the most effective and least expensive option to cover bodies of water to stop evaporation, bird congregation and abate algae/bacteria growth. In addition to being a lower cost solution, it can decrease chemical use, allowing for sustainable water management processes, and can be distributed automatically on the surface with a design that is easily adaptable to the shape of a site’s water body. There is virtually no maintenance, and the float blends into the environment. Constructed of HDPE with UV additives to prevent sun damage, the Phoenix Saturn Disc water cover float can reduce gas emissions by 95%, heat loss by 95% and odors by 90% and has a life of over 20 years. It is tolerant to wind speeds up to 92 miles per hour (MPH), is resistant to snow and ice and offers the best in algal, bacterial and pathogenic abatement. The Phoenix Saturn Disc Aquatic Float is ideal for agriculture, airport facilities, mining, chemical, municipal and oil and gas frac water ponds or reservoirs. For more information, visit or email [email protected]Learn more.

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