Pay increase at centre of Polish miner protest

A number of miners in Poland have taken a position of blocking deliveries of coal at state-run power plants in the country, demanding an increase in pay for their work.

According to the Associated Press, protesters from Polish Coalmining Group’s Halemba operation and other mines in the southern Silesia region have been stopping trains as they are ordering higher pay for weekend shifts, a clear outline that wages will outpace the 7.7% inflation rate that will come in November and arguing against cheaper Russian imports for coal tonnage.

The news service said the protest is set for two days, which could have an impact on power generation; moreover, the company’s mines send about 40 trainloads of coal to the plants daily.

PCG is reportedly ready for mediation with the group, though per the report that mediator has yet to be appointed as of the morning of 4 January local time.

State-run Polish Coalmining Group will produce about 23 million tonnes of coal this year, versus 24.5 Mt in 2020.

Coal represents about 70% of Poland’s energy pie.

Source: Associated Press

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