Haver & Boecker unveils Rhino Hyde liners

Screening, pelletizing and mineral processing plants and systems supplier is introducing its Rhino Hyde liners to enhance the wear life of a full range of equipment.

The company’s custom-blend liners are strategically formulated and installed on key wear, material handling and impact areas of chutes, hoppers, vibrating screens and more. 

Rhino Hyde, constructed from thermoset polyurethane, boasts superior abrasion resistance, durability and chemical resistance compared to alternatives like thermoplastic polyurethane, rubber or metal. 

Rhino Hyde liners are formulated and proven to outperform rubber, plastics and even metals in rough weather. Producers can enjoy more durability with reduced wear in high-abrasion or high-impact areas. Additionally, Rhino Hyde liners offer a simple fix to seal worn spots. Polyurethane liners are a cost-effective solution and have the unique characteristic of being higher wear but are also a lighter-weight product with reduced maintenance and replacement costs. 

“Haver & Boecker Niagara consistently seeks innovative solutions that elevate our customers’ operations,” said Karen Thompson, president, North American and Australian operations. “They aren’t just off-the-shelf products; they’re meticulously tailored solutions developed through collaboration with our partners and customers.”

Rhino Hyde liners are designed for applications such as screening, material handling and hauling. They can be fully customized to the required size and are available in multiple different styles and attachment systems including the classic Rhino Hyde Blue, magnetic, urethane-backed ceramic, polyurethane blades, belt skirting and weldable liners. 

Rhino Hyde Blue
The original Rhino Hyde Blue liners boast high abrasion and impact resistance, along with reduced noise and vibration. Additionally, they won’t expand or contract in environments with fluctuating temperatures. Rhino Hyde Blue liners can be custom-made with several different backings, including solid steel, plain, expanded metal, fabric and ceramic chip embedded.

Magnetic liners
Magnetic liners are strong, durable liners featuring rare-earth magnets that easily fasten to steel without welding or bolting. Users can simply place the liner and remove as needed, saving both time and labor. They reduce material sticking, lessen noise and provide superior protection in even the most demanding applications. Magnets stay secure regardless of climate and withstand high levels of vibration and impact.

Urethane-backed ceramic liners
Urethane-backed ceramic liners are the ultimate solution in applications where severe abrasion is an issue. The highly abrasion-resistant panels have replaced plain or weldable ceramic tile for decades in aggregate, coal, fly ash, glass, grain, gravel, cement and other industries. Urethane-backed panels require no fabrication, cutting or machining to install, and their durability and ease of installation reduces downtime, labor costs and waste. They combine the cut and abrasion resistance of ceramic, and the impact resistance and resiliency of Rhino Hyde polyurethane. 

Polyurethane blade system
Made with genuine Rhino Hyde polyurethane, Blade Systems provide thorough and even belt cleaning in both wet and dry conditions with exceptional resistance to cuts and tears. Rhino Hyde developed the Rhino Blade Tensioning System for excellent, cost-effective belt cleaning. The system has fewer moving parts than others in the industry, increasing reliability and offering a virtually maintenance-free experience. Furthermore, Rhino Hyde Blade Systems are compact in nature with minimal required space for installation. Complete Blade Systems can be installed in less than 30 minutes, and the Rhino Blade can be replaced in under 10 minutes by workers of all experience levels.

Weldable liners
Standard Rhino Hyde weld-in liners are easily installed with tack welding and have weld plates every 15-20 centimeters (about 6-8 inches) to ensure stability and rigidity. Rhino Armor weldable liners feature backing made entirely of perforated steel plate. These liners excel in heavy-duty applications, particularly those with heavy load drops. 

Haver & Boecker Niagara offers Rhino Hyde liners through its partnership with Tandem Products.

Source: https://haverniagara.com

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