Newmont Ghana, Delta Drone collab for LiDAR work

Global drone group Delta Drone International has been appointed to perform a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) project at Newmont Ghana’s Ahafo gold mine. 

Delta officials said it will be providing its drone-based LiDAR solution to establish a three-dimensional model of the surface characteristics of new areas of the mine and also help the miner to mitigate potential risks prior to the start of expansion construction.

The deal is a re-appointment for the Australian-based drone operator.

“Using the latest in drone LiDAR technology, we can fly with this sensor in a fixed-wing drone, allowing us to map new areas and essentially compete with manned LiDAR, but at a lower price point,” CEO Christopher Clark said.

He also noted that the company has seen increased demand for its LiDAR capabilities for digital elevation models.

No timeframe for the work was revealed.

Source: Delta Drone International

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