My Sandvik Onsite for surface drilling optimization

Sandvik has introduced a powerful new solution for optimizing drill and blast operations: My Sandvik Onsite, which delivers numerous production management, operational efficiency and maintenance and availability benefits for open-pit mines and large quarries.

Built on Sandvik’s OptiMine technology, the My Sandvik Onsite solution provides and analyzes data for drilling optimization with Sandvik i-series surface drill rigs. The rigs are capable of drilling hole sizes ranging from 64 to 406 millimeters (2.5 to 16 inches) and include Ranger DXi, Pantera DPi and Leopard DI650i, as well as Sandvik DR410i, Sandvik DR412i and Sandvik DR416i rotary blasthole drill rigs.

Designed for customers who need real-time visibility at the shift level and immediate reporting but want to keep or utilize data in their own network, My Sandvik Onsite transforms data generated by drill rigs into actionable insights for productivity and efficiency improvements.

“We’re now able to offer this powerful on-premises data solution to our surface drilling customers,” said Tuomo Pirinen, head of Digital Solutions, Surface Drilling, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “Data can remain in the mine network on a local server with an optional extension to the cloud.”

“Each surface drilling operation has its own unique priorities and targets for improvement and optimization,” said Demetre Harris, product line manager, Surface Drilling Automation, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “Whether the main focus is maintenance, productivity or efficiency, our new My Sandvik Onsite solution is the gateway to help any customer achieve their goals. Having production management data, drill plans and equipment health data in the same system eliminates the need to visit multiple portals.”

Production management benefits include the ability to analyze shift performance and monitor fleet operations in real-time to address concerns as they arise. Users can also follow up on drilling targets and identify areas of improvement through deep dives. Wireless drill plan transfer and drill navigation improve hole precision while wireless pattern updates and pattern feedback save time and effort in drilling follow-up. Users can monitor hole quality using as-drilled and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) data and track pattern progress and completion.

My Sandvik Onsite also helps customers improve process and operational efficiency. It visualizes bottlenecks and assists in optimizing drilling cycles and drilling resources to meet production targets efficiently. The solution analyzes work sequences for each hole and monitors time used for drilling and tramming in detail. This enables maximizing utilization and improves performance through detailed tracking and analysis of in-seat operational time against idle time and downtime.

When it comes to maintenance and availability, My Sandvik Onsite helps maximize uptime through equipment monitoring, enabling prompt reaction to deviations and planning of preventive maintenance based on actual data. It provides insights into major onboard component signal data to reduce troubleshooting time. The solution also provides alert reports to help customers identify and address recurring issues and plan ahead for maintenance and spare parts needs.

“Sandvik drills are capable of providing a wealth of data,” Pirinen said. “Our customers can now utilize and display that data to enable a range of improvements. Customers can finally integrate drilling into the rest of the mine operation, as our new solution seamlessly connects with other third-party reporting systems.”

The solution can be integrated with existing systems for planning, production, maintenance and fleet management. Users can complement various ready-made productivity, fleet utilization, work mode, alert and signal reports with tailored views using My Sandvik Onsite data feeds.

My Sandvik Onsite seamlessly integrates with Sandvik’s AutoMine Surface Drilling remote operation and autonomy solution and extends the functionality further with in-depth reporting. The solution is also compatible with the cloud-based My Sandvik Productivity offering, providing a telemetry data connection to My Sandvik Productivity dashboards.

Source: Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

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