Sandvik introduces DR416iE electric drill

Sandvik has rolled out its largest-ever intelligent rotary blasthole drill, the DR416iE.

The electric Sandvik DR416iE’s design is based on the popular Sandvik DR416i. It joins the Sandvik DR410iE, Sandvik DR412iE and Sandvik DR413iE as the fourth and largest electrified rig in Sandvik’s intelligent rotary blasthole range.

The new release has been designed to deliver superior performance and sustainability in demanding mining conditions. It is ideal for iron ore and copper applications, and can drill a hole diameter range of 270 to 406 millimeters (10.6 to 16 inches).

The drill is powered by a 1,044 kW (1,400 HP) electric power group to meet the demands of high-altitude applications. A sophisticated electric system that incorporates a soft starter to help reduce impact on the mine’s power grid, preventing disruptions to other equipment. The multi-voltage and multi-frequency electric motor offers outstanding flexibility, while the optional 420-meter (1,378-foot) cable reel ensures ample capacity for connecting to the mine substation.

“Sandvik DR416iE represents a significant leap forward in electric blasthole drill technology and delivers rotary customers the option of a seamless transition from diesel to electric,” said Nellaiappan Subbiah, Product Manager, Rotary Drills.

Operators will appreciate the familiar and intuitive DRi control system. This common system, featured across all Sandvik i-series surface drills, provides a consistent operating experience and simplifies operator training.

For tackling hard rock formations, Sandvik DR416iE is equipped with a heavy-duty feed system. This hydraulic motor-driven chain feed system delivers superior pulldown force and increased weight on bit, resulting in significantly faster penetration rates.

“Sandvik DR416iE uses the same modular platform as our largest diesel-powered rotary rig but with the added environmental benefits of electrification,” Subbiah said. “We now offer customers the ability to convert a diesel-powered unit to a fully electrified version in the field. This innovative drill delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for forward-thinking mining operations.”


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