Maximize Efficiency of Your Pumping Operations Using Permanent Magnet Motor Technology

A growing solution for delivering higher efficiency with proven reliability is a pumping system built around a permanent magnet (PM) motor. PM motors operate more efficiently using rare earth magnets that perform with no slip. This translates into lower input power for the same output power, saving on operational costs every time the motor runs.

Get the streamlined solution needed for pumping power at maximum efficiency: MagForce™ High Efficiency Motors are engineered for high performance, simple startup and incredible long-term cost savings. Owners and operators benefit from electrical cost savings as a result of 92% efficiency rating in the motor for an investment payback of less than two years in typical duty rate systems.

Each MagForce High Efficiency Motor is powered by permanent magnet technology that enables operation at a fraction of the energy consumption when compared to traditional induction designs. When optimized and paired with an innovative Franklin Electric engineered drive, users benefit from intuitive startup and reliable protection for submersible pumping applications. Learn more.