Introducing CiteOps 25.0

As the mining industry embraces modernization and enhanced connectivity, Commit Works has redesigned its front-end application to align with evolving demands.

The latest iteration of the CiteOps application offers lightweight, thin-client browser applications. By introducing on-demand, user-centric browser caching, the company said it has made significant strides in bolstering front-end application performance across all sites, especially for the larger and well-connected ones.

“Our cutting-edge features harness the power of dynamic and responsive Angular.JS front-end designs, thereby elevating the user experience to new heights,” it said.

In addition, in sync with the prevailing trends in the mining sector toward cloud computing and Industry 4.0 best practices, Commit Works has been industriously overhauling its back-end application services.

“The entire product has now been containerized, harnessing the capabilities of .NET 6 / .NET Core Frameworks, [which] empowers CiteOps 25.0 to operate seamlessly on both Windows and Unix server operating systems,” the company noted.

“Our inaugural lighthouse customers stand to gain from fully-containerized, cloud-native application services, operating on Kubernetes (K8s) deployments, hosted on our freshly engineered Amazon Web Services (AWS) – EKS clusters.”

CiteOps is, according to the developer, the inaugural Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform that caters to real-time mining operations within a cloud-native paradigm on such a grand scale.

“Upholding our cloud-first corporate strategy, we prioritize cybersecurity by subjecting the latest release to rigorous third-party penetration testing and aligning with esteemed information security compliance standards, such as ISO27001, SOC2, and GDPR,” the company said.

Ideal for the Industry 4.0 channels of automation, connection, cloud computing, IoT, big data and system integration, CiteOps 25.0 now extends broad support for Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration with major cloud identity providers. This integration not only facilitates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for our clients but also extends to their third-party vendors and providers.

Commit Works said the crowning feature of CiteOps 25.0 are enhancements to its shadow tasks capability, an upgraded feature that now seamlessly spans multiple processes and workstreams.

“With the broader implementation of CiteOps across all operational workstreams, multi-process shadow tasks streamline communication among operational teams and departments. Teams can now shadow their work plans, when they impact other process groups, effectively linking them to pertinent shift plans. This streamlined linkage promotes efficient communication and information exchange, while also streamlining cross-process work management capabilities across all operational facets. Shadow tasks can serve as informational markers, or recipients can be prompted to accept or reject tasks with accompanying comments. This digital transformation of work management processes further accentuates operational efficiency and collaboration across all operational fronts.” 


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