ABB to bridge digital gap in mining

Global technology leader ABB has launched “Do More With Digital,” a global campaign highlighting the opportunities for the process industries, including mining, to realize their full potential through digital transformation. 

“Adoption of advanced digital technologies is still much slower than one might expect in the process industries,” said Sanjit Shewale, global business line manager for Digital, ABB Process Industries. “Customers are facing new challenges in proving and scaling up solutions that will drive real, transformative change.” 

Shewale continued, “However, there are opportunities for all parties to use technologies to retain knowledge of processes in their business as people retire or move on in shorter timeframes than was typical in the past. Through co-creation, there is the chance to show more and do more for positive investment decisions that quickly result in unprecedented levels of energy management, efficiency, sustainability, safety and service.”

In the mining industry, digitalization is empowering companies to address their most pressing challenges around environmental impact, safety, and economic volatility. ABB’s digital solutions leverage IoT, AI, and data analytics to optimize energy management, reduce carbon emissions, and integrate renewable energy sources. 

A prime example of this success is Boliden’s Aitik copper mine in Sweden. Boliden collaborated with ABB to develop a digital twin of its grinding circuit, allowing it to test and optimize an advanced process control strategy in a virtual environment before implementation. This resulted in significant benefits including reduced energy consumption and improved process stability, demonstrating the power of digitalization for optimizing complex mining processes. Furthermore, ABB helps to safeguard workers through digitalization by removing them from hazardous environments and enabling real-time health and safety monitoring.

“The mining industry is crucial to modern economic development, yet it faces significant challenges in areas like safety, productivity, and environmental impact,” said Max Luedtke, global business line manager, Mining, ABB Process Industries. 

“At ABB, we recognize these complexities. ‘Do More With Digital’ represents a vital step forward in the mining sector’s digital transformation journey. By embracing advanced digital solutions, mining companies can unlock a new era of operational excellence and safety through remote monitoring, and even contribute to a more sustainable future through real-time data-driven decision making. This is the transformative power of digitalization, and ABB is committed to working hand-in-hand with our mining partners to turn this vision into reality.” 

Source: ABB

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