Epiroc introduces the MTVR

Epiroc has unveiled the new MTVR, a mobile hydraulic powerpack for electric blasthole drills.

Designed to enhance the utilization and productivity of Epiroc electric drills, this self-contained, wagon-mounted powerpack enables off-grid operation for high-voltage electric drills without requiring extensive electrical infrastructure.

The MTVR’s key feature is its radio remote control (RRC), allowing operators to propel the unit from bench to bench, pit to pit, or workshop without compromising safety. In addition, the optional rescue function powers auxiliary drill functions, such as leveling jacks, tower positioning, and cable reel, streamlining drill preparation for transportation, and saving valuable time and labor.

Epiroc’s tailored connection kits ensure compatibility with Epiroc’s electric blasthole range, as the MTVR seamlessly integrates with various hydraulic systems. Moreover, optional cold weather packages extend the value of the MTVR, enabling efficient operations in any climate.

By reducing the need for HV cable management, the MTVR significantly increases uptime and productivity, offering reliability and agility in mining operations. With a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), mining companies can minimize cable management teams and site electrical infrastructure expenses.

Yara Hussein, Global Product Manager Midrange Blasthole at Epiroc, said: “The MTVR provides our customers with a solution for tramming, eliminating concerns of cable management and additional electrical infrastructure throughout the mine site. With its trailer-mounted, diesel-powered hydraulic system directly connecting to the drill’s mainframe, the MTVR enables continuous tramming even during power outages or for relocating the drill to a safe area before a blast.” 

Source: epiroc.com

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