Ecuador’s Indigenous organizations reject Warintza project

The National Federation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) and the Shuar Arutam Peoples have reiterated their rejection of Solaris Resources’ Warintza copper project and President Daniel Noboa’s plans to expand mining operations in the country. 

The groups noted that 12 of the country’s most important mining projects currently face legal challenges, opposition, or are paralyzed – many due to the lack of Free, Prior and Informed Consultation and Consent of Indigenous peoples affected by the projects.

During PDAC 2024 in Toronto, a Solaris Resources representative claimed to have “constantly consulted” two Shuar communities, which representatives of the Shuar Arutam and CONAIE refute.

“We know the government is in Canada trying to sign agreements with mining companies, but there has been no consultation for the Warintza project. The project violates the Ecuadorian constitution and our rights. Let it be known that we have not given our consent,” said Jaime Palomino, president of the Shuar Arutum People (PSHA).

Fanny Kaekat, representative of the PSHA and Mujeres Amazónicas, added: “Solaris has brought violence to our families. The decision on whether to proceed with this project lies squarely with the Shuar Arutam People, as dictated by our own structures. It is not the government nor the mining company’s decision. The government doesn’t respect that.”

The Warintza project in southeast Ecuador features a broad cluster of outcropping copper porphyry deposits anchored by a large-scale, high-grade open pit resource inventory at Warintza Central. Ongoing efforts are focused on rapid resource growth and further discovery drilling.

Source: Amazon Watch

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