Diemme Filtration Holds Streaming Convention

On Nov. 30, the first Diemme Filtration streaming convention took place. The event was organized for the international commercial launch of GHT5000F, a groundbreaking filter press designed to support stakeholders in an active and sustainable mining process, reducing risks and optimizing costs.

The convention was an opportunity to discuss the important issue of tailings management and to compare notes on the global context in which the mining industry operates, with the ultimate goal of “Mine with Mind,” the company stated.

Diemme said, “what it is launching on the market is not only the largest filter press in the world at the moment (nominal plate size of 5- x 5 meters), but it is also and above all an exhortation to a change of mentality, to improve the global impact of the mining industry on the health of the planet.” Diemme wants to be the Game Changer that the mining sector needs.

Diemme’s proposal is a new technology that, through an increased level of process automation, increases data collection and monitoring, and the analysis of historical data to optimize work cycles, predict failures and reduce downtime; the adoption of a long-term approach to waste management not only as an innovative and responsible vision but also as an intelligent and sustainable tool that promotes increased sustainability through an efficient yield process that minimizes costs and risks.

The convention closed with the launch of a charity race promoted by Diemme Filtration with the contribution of Italian ultramarathon runner Giorgio Calcaterra.

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