Cummins announces new dewatering pumps

Cummins has announced the availability of two new dewatering pump solutions for use in mining, construction, oil and gas, agricultural and water and waste water environments: the QSF4X4 and QSF6X6.

Both units offer customers a fully finished pump for use in their operations powered by Cummins’ QSF2.8 engine. They are built with a heavy-duty cast-iron construction and are produced on a fully towable trailer for ease of transportation.

The pumps can self-prime when filled with water, and re-prime automatically. The Cummins QSF6X6 is designed for moderate flow rates up to 1,430 gallons per minute and can handle heads up to 104 feet. The Cummins QSF4X4 supports flow rates up to 1,350 gpm and can handle heads up to 135 ft.

The Cummins QSF2.8 engine, which powers the pumps, is available for industrial applications at 74 horsepower in a compact envelope size. It uses proven Cummins fuel injection, turbocharging and electronic control technology to deliver a peak torque of 221 lb.-ft., while meeting near-zero emissions Tier 4 Final emissions. 

A sculptured cast-iron block gives the 2.8-liter engine durability with a low weight of 507 lb.

“The new pumps are compatible with our telematics services to help maximize availability and efficiency while minimizing downtime,” said industrial sales director Greg Totin.

The QSF6X6 and QSF4X4 are both available throughout North America.


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