Copper Mark teams with AIAG for responsible sourcing, production

The Copper Mark is collaborating with the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to back and encourage ethical, responsible sourcing and production of raw materials in the global supply chain.

The two said in a joint statement on 9 February that the AIAG, which has volunteers that engage industry and global stakeholders to aid in raw materials sourcing outside of conflict minerals, often collaborates with OEMs and suppliers to support the development of innovations that solve common issues.

AIAG Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility/Supply Chain Products and Services Tanya Bolden said: “In partnering with organizations like the Copper Mark, we look forward to expanding our global scope and offering even more value to AIAG members and the mobility industry as a whole.” 

For its part, the Copper Mark works with organizations in the copper industry to raise awareness for and further understand the demands for independently verified responsible production practices – and the positive contribution to sustainable development.

Using a rigorous site-level assessment process, the Copper Mark acts as an up-to-date and credible source of information on organizations in the copper value chain that are committed to responsible production practices.

Copper Mark Executive Director Michèle Brülhart said it is vital minerals are produced and sourced sustainably, particularly as electric vehicles require more critical minerals.

“Our partnership with AIAG reflects the shared commitment of our organizations to promoting responsible business practices across the copper, molybdenum, nickel and zinc supply chains, supporting the transition to a low-carbon global economy,” she said.

Both AIAG and the Copper Mark plan to come together to promote the responsible production and sourcing of raw materials, including copper, nickel, zinc, and molybdenum. They will also provide the necessary tools, guidance and systems to support this goal – from education and training, to fostering cooperation and communication between supply chain trading partners.

Source: Copper Mark 

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