Conveyor Components releases bucket elevator alignment control

Conveyor Components has unveiled bucket elevator belt alignment made simple with the model VA and VA-X bucket elevator alignment control.

Designed with a rugged heavy duty cast aluminum housing, the model VA and VA-X is designed to indicate when the head or boot section of a bucket elevator drifts too far out of alignment. This unit can be used to signal a problem or simply shut down the bucket elevator leg before further damage can occur. 

This control device has a sequential two-pole double-break microswitch rated for 20 amps at 120 VAC, 240 VAC or 480 VAC. The switch actuation and linkage arms are field adjustable with a simple 3/32” hex wrench adjustment. 

The metal roller is sturdy and bi-directional, and designed to survive in difficult environments. The housing is rugged cast aluminum with a specially designed non-accumulating pocket. 

The model VA microswitch is rated for NEMA 4 weatherproof, or NEMA 7/9 explosion proof (model VA-X).  Epoxy powder coating or polyester powder coating is available as an option. 


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