Colombia production, exports up in 2021: ACM

The Colombian Mining Association (ACM) has reportedly verified a year-on-year rise in mining production and exports during the 2021 calendar year and are projecting a 10% increase in mineral output over this year as well.

The ACM recently told Reuters that coal production last year totaled 59.6 million tonnes, an increase from 49.3 Mt in 2020. Its data, which consulted DANE statistics and the National Mining Agency, also revealed that Colombia’s total mining exports were $13.4 billion, a rise of 22%, year-on-year.

ACM President Juan Camilo Narino said during a press conference, according to the Reuters report, that coal output this year is projected to increase by about 7 Mt this year to between 66 and 67 Mt.

The increase will be a change for the Andean nation, which felt the sting of a 40% drop in coal production in 2020 amid pandemic impacts as well as a three-month strike at the Cerrejon mine near Bogota.

The ACM also reported on gold production, which rose to 2.5 million troy ounces in 2021, a jump of about 1.5 million troy ounces versus 2020. 

Narino, according to Reuters, lamented the country’s low copper production – it hit 12,000 tonnes last year, up from 9,300 t the year prior.

“Regarding copper, well, Colombia continues to have very low, very small, production,” he said, according to the report.

“It’s vital that Colombia has a perspective of copper production within four years, it’s vital for everyone.”

Source: Reuters

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