Carmichael’s first coal shipment ready to set sail

Bravus Mining and Resources has confirmed that the first shipment of coal from its Carmichael operation in Queensland has been assembled at the North Queensland Export Terminal and is ready for export.

The tonnage was delivered to the terminal over the past few weeks as part of the company’s testing and commissioning of new trains from Bowen Rail. It will now be loaded and dispatched.

Bravus CEO David Boshoff said high-quality Australian coal will have a role to play, alongside renewables, as part of a reliable, affordable energy mix with a reduced emissions intensity.

“That’s why Carmichael makes sense, and why, as a group, Adani is also heavily investing in renewables. Carmichael shows the value to Queensland of meeting global demand with a product that not only has a lower emissions profile than coal supplied by international competitors, but one that is mined in a highly-regulated environment with the right checks and balances in place,” he added.

Carmichael, located in the Galilee Basin, first began construction in June 2019. It is projected the open-pit mine will produce 10 million tonnes annually


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