Brookville Equipment Continues to Make Robust Underground Equipment for over 105 Years

Brookville Equipment is a World Class American manufacturer, specializing in rail and rubber tired customized units. BROOKVILLE offers solutions in a wide variety, such as different powering options, various functionalities, such as locomotives, personnel carriers, maintenance vehicles, and more.  The equipment we offer is engineered to add safety and value to your fleet, with exclusive patented rerailing systems, premium exhaust treatment options, and extended life cycle management plans. 

BROOKVILLE specializes in finding your perfect custom solution to retrofit your needs. We are able to take your ideas and needs, while turning them into a real-life piece of equipment, resulting in a long-term investment for your underground mine properties. 

BROOKVILLE builds to meet your specification, but the company will also have Flat Cars readily available for purchase in early summer of 2024. If you are interested, please reach out to us at 814-849-2000.

When you decide on a BROOKVILLE, you don’t just get a vehicle, you get a partner for its life. 

Check out YouTube for an overview on BROOKVILLE’s mining and tunneling equipment. 

For more information on how BROOKVILLE can assist you in your underground equipment needs, visit

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