Buenaventura suspends Julcani mining following intrusive protests

Peruvian miner Buenaventura has reported the suspension of operations at its Julcani mine after protesters entered and destroyed part of its facilities.

Officials said in a statement to Reuters that, as just the latest miner to be impacted by ongoing and widespread protest activities against the government, the silver mine has been vandalized.

The miner did not indicate the specific group that targeted the Angaraes, Huancavelica, property, but did say they attempted to force company representatives to sign a document with their demands.

“They also forced the workers of the operation to leave the facilities under threat, stoned offices and vehicles of the mining unit and stole some belongings,” the company told Reuters.

In an act “to ensure the integrity of the workers” the company said it has demobilised the Julcani Unit, all personnel included, and suspended activities “until security conditions are adequate” to continue.

Source: Reuters 

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