Thiess launches dedicated rehab business arm

Engineering and consulting firm Thiess has introduced a standalone business, Thiess Rehabilitation, to offer the full lifecycle of mine rehabilitative services to the industry.

A full spectrum from design to development to delivery will be included in its services, as well as end-use results with positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.

Thiess Rehabilitation’s comprehensive and tailored services will be available to mines of any size, commodity and lifecycle stage. It will work with customers on progressive mine rehabilitation, mine closure and infrastructure removal, abandoned mines and even contaminated land requirements. 

Chairman and CEO Michael Wright called the new business a significant milestone for Thiess as a whole, especially from a sustainable mining perspective.

“Through Thiess Rehabilitation, we’re able to open up new business opportunities and increase the value of the service we offer clients, using technology and sustainability principles to assist them in achieving their own sustainability objectives,” he said. 

It also plans to bring in autonomy and high-precision drone use, allowing it to technologically transform mine rehabilitation and offer value across the whole rehabilitation lifecycle.

“For clients, it means important safety and sustainability benefits, time and cost savings, effective management of risk, and the ability to demonstrate tangible social value,” Wright noted.


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