The New Cat® 16 GC Motor Grader: Delivering Economical Haul Road Maintenance

While it can require considerable effort, keeping haul roads smooth, appropriately graded and clear of debris can have a significant impact on costs and productivity.

Motor graders, the machine of choice for haul road maintenance activities, have a direct impact on how productively and safely other machines can operate. Good road conditions also reduce truck maintenance, lower fuel costs, increase tire life and reduce overall operating costs.

For mines looking for a cost-effective solution to haul road maintenance, Caterpillar offers the new Cat® 16 GC Motor Grader. The 16 GC combines the reliability of the proven Cat 16 and 16H with the benefit of lower owning and operating costs. The 16 GC leverages the same components and features a familiar steering wheel and lever controls to provide consistent, precise blade control.

With a 4.9-meter (16-foot) moldboard, it’s the ideal size for construction, quarry and mining operations using truck fleets up to 91 tonnes (100 tons). The 16 GC delivers productive and fuel-efficient performance thanks to a durable Cat C13 engine, which offers a net 249 kW (334 hp) rating and meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards.

Productivity and fuel efficiency are further optimized thanks to:

  • Standard ECO mode operation, which increases fuel economy by up to 5%.
  • An on-demand fan, which reduces fuel consumption and dissipates under-hood heat to increase component longevity.
  • Electronic throttle control, which matches engine power and torque to application demands to enable more productive and fuel-efficient haul road clearing.

Offering eight forward and six reverse speeds to select the right gear for the job, the 16 GC’s powershift transmission provides smooth shifting and allows for quick directional changes with the new ergonomic shifter. Its differential lock provides added traction when working in loose material.

Boosting operator productivity

The new 16 GC’s cab is designed for productivity, with a number of features to help operators work more consistently and efficiently.

  • Fast, accurate and balanced hydraulic controls allow operators to quickly achieve targets for well-maintained roads and reduced rework.
  • An in-cab display keeps operators informed by providing quick access to critical operating data, including current and requested gear, machine and engine speed, and articulation angle.
  • An optional digital blade slope meter aids in maintaining consistent surface slope for accurate grading without the need for personnel on the ground for manual grade checking.

Delivering long life and reliability

The 16 GC is built for long life, with reinforced structures. Hardened circle teeth and replaceable wear inserts increase the durability of the drawbar circle moldboards. The standard slip clutch helps protect the circle drive if the moldboard encounters an immovable object, while standard blade lift accumulators absorb impact loads from the moldboard to help protect the ground engagement tools and front frame from potential damage.

Providing versatile performance

A range of options makes it possible to customize the new 16 GC to meet site-specific needs. Options include:

  • A push block to improve machine performance and efficiency.
  • Ripper to assist when grading in hard ground site conditions.
  • Guarding (bottom and front axle guards) to help protect the machine from damage for rugged reliability in the most demanding applications.

Simplifying regular maintenance

The 16 GC is built for reduced downtime, leveraging the design and components of other Cat machines for quick and easy maintenance. It boasts interchangeable components with the 16H, 16M and 16 Motor Graders, along with commonality of service parts with multiple Cat machines. Easy access for service and repair increases maintenance efficiency. And Cat Electronic Technician connects to the grader’s Electronic Control Modules (ECM) to simplify electronic troubleshooting.

Downtime is further reduced through remote monitoring of the machine’s performance. The new Cat Product Link Elite™ gathers and displays a range of performance and health information from the engine, transmission, and control and guidance system.

Where available, Remote Troubleshoot allows the local Cat dealer to remotely run machine diagnostic testing while the grader is in operation to decrease downtime. In addition, Remote Flash allows the dealer to send software updates to the machine, so the 16 GC always operates with the most current software to optimize equipment performance and productivity.

To learn more about how the 16 GC can deliver cost-effective grading to your site, visit or reach out to your local Cat dealer.