Superior Chevron Pulley now available in AR steel

Superior Industries has reported that its newly redesigned Chevron Pulley is now available in abrasion resistant (AR) steel.

The use of abrasion resistant steel in manufacturing of conveyor pulleys enhances their durability, noted Superior, especially in applications handling aggressively wearing bulk materials. This reduces maintenance costs, improves operational efficiency, and ensures consistent performance in demanding environments.

In another recent design update, Superior has removed the rounded cap on the wings for standard CEMA and Mine Duty models. Now, the entire wing is a wearable feature, which significantly increases the lifespan of the Chevron Pulley in all applications. The rounded wing caps are still optional for Mine Duty models.

Superior’s 2007 invention of the v-shaped Chevron Pulley revolutionized wing performance, offering benefits such as material deflection, reducing trapped material, minimizing belting damage, lowering noise, and being gentler on belt splices and clips compared to traditional straight wing pulleys.

Source  Superior Industries

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