StrataConnect AMS is a completely wireless and battery-powered safety system, designed to detect harmful gases and monitor atmospheric conditions in underground work environments. The system is powered by battery-operated Sentro Wireless sensor units, each with the capacity to monitor a variety of different gases and atmospheric variables using interchangeable sensor modules. The Sentro Wireless can function independently or in a network, transmitting real-time data wirelessly to the surface.

Key functions include:

  • Detection of up to 64 different gas options
  • Monitoring atmospheric variables, including air flow, temperature, pressure, and vibration

Surface operators can monitor any number of Sentro Wireless devices on the network and receive real-time readings. Detailed information on sensor operating status is readily available for system health monitoring and maintenance.

In addition to monitoring, Sentro Wireless serves as an internal relay contact, enabling remote on/off control of underground devices and can be used in automation processes such as underground ventilation control. Contact us for more information: Email: [email protected]

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