Russian crews halt rescue for 13 missing miners

Photo: Reuters

Rescue teams in Russia searching for 13 miners trapped at a mine following a landslide have given up their efforts and the workers are being declared dead.

According to a Reuters report, the search was called off on 1 April, more than two weeks after the 18 March incident. It occurred at an operation in Russia’s Far Eastern region of Amur.

Work had to be halted due to a risk of another collapse, the report said, and the names of the miners are not being released. They were located at a depth of about 125 meters (410 feet).

Radio Free Europe additionally reported that police have arrested a second individual in connection with the incident; an unidentified chief engineer for the mining company has been accused of violating safety regulations. The mine’s executive director was arrested for the same charge in late March.

Sources: Reuters and Radio Free Europe