RPMGlobal updates ShiftManager software

Australian software group RPMGlobal has a new version now available for its planning and task management software ShiftManager. 

The new updates include several new functions, including ShiftManager Mobile which has been upgraded to take full advantage of the functional and architectural changes within this new release.

On top of a complete user interface overhaul, users can now notify other departments and other users if a task they are working on will impact other processes within the operation via a task display to ensure awareness site-wide.

Maintenance departments can also now add equipment to their maintenance tasks, sending a notification to the equipment owner that there is a maintenance request. This improves compliance to plan by improving communication and speeding up feedback loops. Collaboration improvements also include comprehensive auditing capabilities to permit fully configurable and site-specific auditing of all tasks and changes.

RPMGlobal Head of Product Strategy David Batkin said the improvements an operation can achieve through a collaborative planning solution are immense.

“ShiftManager takes the disparate plans used across an operation and brings it all into a single digital platform. When you digitise the whiteboards, print outs and sticky notes and combine several isolated plans into a single solution that everyone can access, you see immense compliance improvements straight away,” he said.

ShiftManager Mobile is part of the solution offering and is a native mobile application for both Apple and Android users. In short, the application uses the architecture of a modern mobile platform instead of relying on website access.

Targeted at supervisors and front-line workers, the app can be used to update progress of tasks or checklists, update shift notes including safety issues and even add attachments such as photos, it said. In addition, the new release provides users the capability to sign off a shift.

“Reporting has also been upgraded with the introduction of a Power BI reporting data model,” RPMG said. “Users can access the model to generate reports using Microsoft’s Power BI Solution…[giving] them the ability to build reports and dashboards to improve decision-making and analyse results. Reports can also be updated in real-time to drive a Management Operating System or short interval control initiatives.”

Source: rpmglobal.com

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