Orvana’s Oroville mine restarts after strike suspended

After nearly three weeks on pause, Orvana Minerals’ Oroville copper-gold mine in northern Spain has restarted operations and production after a strike by truckers’ unions was suspended on 2 April.

The strike, which had been in place since 14 March, was over rising fuel prices and working conditions. Orvana said supply chains are being progressively reactivated and it has received the needed materials to recommence its work.

At the same time, the company confirmed it is looking at “any and all options” available to receive its next materials in a timely manner. It is also reviewing its costs so it can report on impacts at the time of its upcoming 2Q22 report.

“In the meantime, Orvana continues on the execution of its short-term activities and near-term strategies in Spain, Argentina and Bolivia,” it noted.

Oroville, also known as OroValle/El Valle or EVBC, is located in the Rio Narcea Gold Belt.

Orvana acquired the EVBC operation through its 2009 takeover of Kinbauri Gold. On 15 June, it changed the subsidiary name to OroValle Minerals.

Source: Orvana Minerals

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