Metso rolls out RotarEkiln

Metso has optimized its existing rotary kiln technology and is launching RotarEkiln, an electrically powered, indirectly heated rotary kiln.

The electric heating system of the RotarEkiln provides a sustainable alternative to the fuel-powered indirect rotary kilns available in the market.

The RotarEkiln is comprised of modular heating sections, which offers superior temperature control over fuel-fired designs. It is fully customizable to cater to the specific performance requirements of the application, and the modules can easily be removed and exchanged for maintenance and repair.

Metso’s RotarEkiln product highlights include an efficient and more sustainable alternative to the current ​indirect kiln design​; heat transfer by radiation; modular heating sections; interchangeability within a given application; and the ability to control the kiln in short and precise length increments​

“The RotarEkiln is further proof of Metso’s front-running rotary kiln technology for the heat treatment of advanced materials. We have leveraged our decades of experience when designing this RotarEkiln and achieved kiln shell diameters of up to 5 meters. It is the only commercially available electric kiln with such a large scale,” said Heat Transfer Vice President Chris Urban.

Source: Metso

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