Metso Outotec halts Russian deliveries

Metso Outotec said it has temporarily ceased its deliveries to Russia due to the evolving sanctions against the country by the European Union, United States and other countries.

The sanctions are a result of Russia’s military actions against Ukraine.

“While the mining industry is currently not directly targeted by the sanctions, sanctions against the banking sector and individuals as well as other restrictions may have an impact on Metso Outotec and our customers’ Russia-related businesses,” the company said.

Although Metso Outotec does not own production in Russia, or any material procurement in the country, it does have customers that operate in several mining and metals processing operations across Russia. Capital projects are typically long with deliveries taking place over the course of several years. 

Sales from Russia represented approximately 10% of Metso Outotec’s annual sales in 2021.

Source: Metso Outotec

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