Metso living the Skega Life

Metso has added to its mill lining portfolio Skega Life, a high-performing, sustainable mill lining rubber it said can offer a 25% longer wear life versus its Skega Classic rubber option.

The new rubber type is developed in Metso’s own laboratory and validated by field studies, and is part of the company’s Plant Positive offerings to allow for increased sustainability and safety, optimized throughput and increased uptime due to improved wear resistance and lower maintenance.

The new rubber is specially developed to have a very good wear resistance in grinding mills processing high abrasive ores.

“It can be used anywhere where a customer has a rubber application, but it is most beneficial in ball mills larger than 14 feet, AG, and SAG mills of 18 feet or smaller,” said Fredrik Johansson, global product manager, Rubber and Poly-Met mill linings.

“Mill liners play a crucial role in the mining process and Metso’s liners are always designed by our experts to meet the customers’ production targets and the mill conditions and enhancing overall process reliability. Field studies and tests have shown that our new rubber compound can have up to 25% longer wear life. The longer wear life reduces CO2 emissions and less liner material will end up in the tailings,” added Lars Furtenbach, director, Research and Technology Development.

Metso’s other inventions in rubber linings include Poly-Met, Megaliner and Orebed.

Source: Metso

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