Maxam introduces MS453 Pro

Tire maker Maxam has released the MS453 Pro tire, which the company said has a 15% improved tire life and a 10% increase in TMPH.

The new release features an enhanced tread design for mining applications. It also has several enhancements, including reduced lug deflection to stabilize the tread shoulder via its tie bar design.

Additionally, a reduced void length on the tread allows for increased wear and footprint, and a self-cleaning, two-stage void design offers increased contact patch.

Strengthened casing and added puncture resistance are added to the tire as well, with reinforced sidewall, a robust bead construction and enhanced steel belts.

The MS453PRO 59/80R63 will replace the existing MS403 59/80R63. It is available for mine sites globally.

Source: Maxam Tire

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