Komatsu redesigns Joy 02ESV scoop

With key benefits including longer times between charges, improved performance and optimum operator comfort, the Joy 02ESV has been updated, redesigned and re-released by Komatsu.

Ideal for soft-rock mining applications, the 240-volt machine comes in three models: the 02ESV36, 02ESV56 and 02ESV60. The trio offer bucket capacities of 120-165 cubic feet, respectively, with maximum payloads of 18.2 to 28.7 t. All are equipped with OptiDrive technology to improve reliability, boost operator productivity, improve motor performance and help reduce maintenance costs.

The smallest of the group, the 02ESV36, is recommended for seam heights of 36-63 inches, and the mid-size, the 02ESV56, 56-83 inches. The largest, the 02ESV60, has a recommended seam height of 56-83 inches as well.

“Designed to help minimize downtime, these scoops have new electronics that eliminate switches, and the color display provides real-time operational and fault information to keep operators informed,” the OEM said. “Additional drive input modules allow the OptiDrive control system to interface with third-party proximity detection systems.

“[Also,] with less heat and noise compared to diesel power, the 240-volt battery power contributes to improved working conditions. These Joy scoops also have improved motor efficiency for increased motor life and enhanced tramming, while improved ergonomics help keep operators more comfortable.”

All three models are equipped with Dana drive axles, with a redesigned center section, featuring heavy-duty pivot bearings and pins, to provide greater durability and longevity as well as reliable transport of heavy payloads.

Source: Komatsu.mining

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