Japanese, Chinese copper producers seek Metso tech

Metso has received orders for three Outotec Anode Casting Shops from undisclosed major copper producers in Japan and China. The total value of the orders is EUR 13 million. 

In each of the projects, Metso’s scope of delivery includes anode casting shops with engineering and state-of-the-art technology. 

One of the orders has been booked in the Minerals segment’s 2023 fourth quarter orders received, while the other two have been booked in the third quarter orders received.

“Today, most of the world’s copper anodes are produced with Metso’s proprietary anode casting technology. We have delivered over 100 anode casting shops around the world, and our frontrunning technology is used globally by the leading copper producers,” said Harri Talvensaari, senior sales manager, Smelting at Metso.

“Our anode casting shops are compatible with different types of smelting technologies, enabling reliable operation and a consistent throughput.”

Metso said its fully electric Outotec Anode Casting Shops feature a high level of automation, which ensures premium anode quality with excellent weight accuracy and a low reject rate combined with high capacity and availability. Metso also offers a variety of modular upgrades for existing installations.

Source: Metso

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